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Pole dancing needing attention infographic

Exercising with dance poles has become one of the hottest workout trends. Using this new workout methods can tone and sculpt your body in ways that other traditional exercises may not be able to do. It combines isotonic and isometric movements that can provide you with an overall better body workout, targeting muscles that traditional workouts don't. Not only is it fun, it can also become a new skill you acquire. 
The infographic can help you with the basics of beginning your pole dancing workout, from creating the perfect workout playlist, the stretches you need and the safety tips while working out and how to install your dance pole.
Many gyms and dance studios are offering classes, but you can get the same workout at home when you get a dancing pole. You can complete your exercises any time you want and even bring your friends in on your new favorite workout.
The most important thing to remember when doing these workouts is to have fun with them.

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