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Product Quality

The quality of the products we provide is key to our customer’s satisfaction.We have established a strict quality control procedure to ensure the products we order from our suppliers are of top quality.

Our quality control procedure begins before the production of any item. We ensure all certifications for a product have been met. We check all the materials used in the construction of the product are safe and meet our parameter (style, color, weights, etc). The packing of each product will undergo QC to verify our products can sustain various shipping conditions. Once a product has passed all QC requirements, we will approve the manufacturer to produce large volumes of the product.

After our manufacturer has produced our product, our QC department will inspect the final products. This process will help validate our manufacturers have complied with our requirements during the initial QC. Once the products have been approved we will ship the end product to our warehouses in the USA.

The products will be kept in our warehouses until we ship them to customers.

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