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Trade Show Display Suppliers

Which kind of Trade Show Display Supply is best for you? TheLAShop focuses on your budget, your demand and your display effect, offers you the best trade show display products.

10 ft x 8 ft Trade Show Display Pop-up Booths feature easier set-up, lower transportion cost and faster shipping. Rectangle with curves provides you a much better display angle for your exhibition design. Portable - You should never forget the case with roller wheels will be so convenient on your trade show travel. Multipurpose - you don't have to purchase another podium, covering a table cloth is what you need to do, save your money, cut your budget, say no problem to your boss! Draw more attention - 2 pcs 150 watt Halogen Spotlights, come with this trade show display pou-up kit, can be attached to the frame for additional exposure. Most exhibitors favor pop up portable trade show display booth which can help them easier to get in and out of the trade show hall, set up the booth faster whatever you are a fresh, pack small, and keep under the budget.


Brochure Rack is an indispensable part of the trade show exhibition display. This trade show literature rack can be stored with pamphlets and magazines in the pockets, even when the unit is collapsed and stowed away. This unique design is perfect for businesses, exhibition, office, gift shop and so on. It offers the looks and stability of a permanent fixture and the versatility of a portable stand. Set up is simple and is as easy as taking the unit out of the carrying bag, and pulling the pockets upward. With such a lightweight, simple design, this trade show literature rack will quickly become a vital component of your trade show display booth system.

You can also see the detail of our new arrival: Podium and Collapsible Brochure Rack Reception Desk, which provides you multipurpose counter, trade show podium, a small counter top or a reception desk. At the same used as a Brochure Rack for holding brochures, magazines and catalogs. It is easy for storage and transportation with deluxe hard carrying case.

By now, you will say do I miss something for my trade show exhibition? Yes, A Presentation Projector Screen. Choose which projector screen you prefer. We provides you tabletop projector screen, Retractable Pop-up Projector Screen, Manual Pull Down Projector Screen, Motorized Projector Screen, Tripod Projector Screen, Permanent Wall Screen and Projector Screen Material.

For your exhibition and presentation, a tripod projector screen will be your best choice! It is convenient to carry and suitable for any environment, only your floor is flat. You can place it everywhere, and no need to install it to ceiling or wall. Our Projector Screen is with different Aspect Ratio, Size to match your different demands.

Now, Projector Screen and Projector become a popular choice for home theatres, with the system, you and your family can enjoy the movie without interference.


Retractable banners are the good products for your trade show and exhibition. Shop the Roll-up Banner Stands & X-frame Banner Stands which are portable and easy to set up, directly meet your needs regardless of budget. At the exhibition hall, all you need to do is extending the pole and to pull up the graphics. And the graphics is housed inside the base, protected during transportation, setup and takedown is quick and easy.

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