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35-Piece Bonsai Tool Kit includes Leaf Cutter, Pruning Scissors, Cutting Scissors, Knob Cutter, Wire Cutter, Knob Cutter, Root Cutter, Rake With Spatula, Jin Pliers, Rake With Tweezers, Tree Bud Scissors, Branch Bender, Root Hook, Cactus Pliers, Butterfly Scissors, Branch Scissors, Concave Cutter, Iron Bar, Splitter, Broom & A training wire. Perfect for Bonsai beginner or a professional. This kit is made of carbon steel fully inspected and lightly oiled, excellent durability.


  • In a heavy duty nylon bag with inner flap
  • Portable and easy to store


  • Material: Carbon Steel

Package Includes:

  • 1x 11cm Leaf Cutter
  • 1x 16cm Leaf Cutter
  • 1x 18cm Pruning Scissors
  • 1x 21cm Pruning Scissors
  • 1x 11cm Cutting Scissors (Small)
  • 1x 18cm Cutting Scissors (Medium)
  • 1x 18cm Knob Cutter
  • 1x 21cm Knob Cutter
  • 1x 27cm Knob Cutter
  • 1x 18cm Wire Cutter
  • 1x 21cm Wire Cutter
  • 1x 18cm Root Cutter
  • 1x 23cm Jin Pliers
  • 1x 22cm Rake With Spatula
  • 1x 22cm Rake With Tweezers
  • 1x 18cm Tree Bud Scissors
  • 1x 21cm Tree Bud Scissors
  • 1x 27cm Branch Bender
  • 1x 23cm Root Hook
  • 1x 28cm Cactus Pliers
  • 1x 18cm Butterfly Scissors
  • 1x 19cm Branch Scissors
  • 1x 18cm Concave Cutter
  • 1x 10cm Concave Cutter
  • 1x 27cm Concave Cutter
  • 1x 36cm Iron Bar
  • 1x Trunk Splitter (Small)
  • 1x Trunk Splitter (Large)
  • 1x 16cm Broom
  • 1x Training Wire Set of 5 Sizes


  • 1. Make your tool Clear.
  • 2. Be careful of its sharp.
  • 3. Never use force.
  • 4. Using the bonsai tool correctly.
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