A duct fan will perform differently depending upon where you place the fan in your duct work. If you place the fan at the intake end of the duct work, then it will be a ventilation fan. If you place the fan at the outtake end of the duct work, then it will be an exhaust fan. When you grow your own plants in an enclosed location, you will want to make sure you use both ventilation and exhaust fans in order to keep a constant flow of fresh air.

You Can Reduce Duct Fan Noise with an Inline Fan Noise Silencer

A duct fan will generate and create some level of noise which can be reduced by using an inline fan duct noise muffler silencer. This accessory attaches to the fan and helps reduce the noise generated by the fan. Reducing the amount of noise generated by the fans can be important when you do not want to hear the fan noise from outside of your enclosed grow area. You can find both of these products as well as well as other items for your grow area from us, here at The LA Shop.

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