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A Gazebo Replacement Canopy Can Fix Problems with Your Existing Cover

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Over time, the top of your wooden gazebo can wear out and may even need to be replaced. You have a few options to choose from when selecting a gazebo replacement. A canopy is one such option, and can be installed directly over the existing top. This solution is ideal when you have a leaky cover, but cannot determine the cause of the problem. Another reason to use this option is when you do not want to remove the existing cover to install the new one. Instead of having to remove the cover, you can just secure the new canopy in place.

You Can Use a Gazebo Replacement Canopy as a Cover for Your Pergola

Another use for a gazebo replacement canopy is over the top of your pergolas. Pergolas typically have four corner supports with a cover. These corner supports have slated openings, but the structure is not fully enclosed. Instead, a pergola only provides partial shade. Some people like having the top partially exposed – however, it makes enjoying the outdoors difficult on rainy days or when the sun is directly overhead. With a canopy cover, however, the entire top of the pergola can be completely enclosed. This blocks off both bright direct sunlight and rain on cloudy days.

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