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An Inline Fan Helps Provide Fresh Air for Your Plants

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When you grow plants indoors, you may experience problems with plant development for certain types of plants. Part of the problem could be with the air quality in the room where you are growing your plants. Certain plants need an almost constant supply of fresh air in order to develop and mature correctly. When the do not get the required level of fresh air, they can become stunted or even fail to grow. You can resolve this issue by using an inline fan, along with a grow tent, duct work, and exhaust blower fan to always supply fresh air to your plants.

Selecting the Right Size of Inline Fan and Exhaust Fan for Your Grow Area

When selecting different items to provide fresh air to your grow area, you will need to calculate the total cubic feet of the room. This will help you pick out the right size of inline fan and exhaust fan you will require. Each type of fan has a CFM rating, which stands for cubic feet per minute. This rating is used to measure air volume velocity, and will be very helpful when making your purchase, here at The LA Shop.

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