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An Offset Umbrella Can Be Adjusted to Block Sunlight

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Traditional patio umbrellas are vertical and cannot be angled. While the umbrella will provide shade when the sun is directly overhead, it does little to fully block the sun the rest of the day. Instead of using this style of umbrella, you can consider using an offset umbrella. This type of umbrella allows you to change the direction of the canopy throughout the day in order to obtain full shade from the sun. You can relax outdoors or catch up on your reading without having to worry about sunlight getting into your eyes or making you feel too warm.

Different Places around the Home Where You Can Use an Offset Umbrella

Not only is an offset umbrella idea for use on your patio, you can also use this umbrella in different locations. For example, you can set it up in your yard to provide shade over your children’s sandbox or playground equipment. Your kids can play outside and get fresh air while being protected from direct sunlight. Even with sunscreen, kids can become overheated when exposed to direct sunlight. This umbrella can be also be beneficial when you want to work in your flower or vegetable garden. You can set up the umbrella and adjust the angle to block out the sunlight. That way, you remain comfortable while you tend to your plants.

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