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Buying the Right Tattoo Kits for Your Business

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When you are ready to open your own tattoo parlor, there are a few things you must consider before you start purchasing supplies.  One of the first decisions is the type of tattoo kit you are going to purchase, or if you are going to buy the gun and each component separately.  If you are concerned with making a profit, then you will want to review our kits and find one that has the number of guns you need.  If you are a sole operator and the only artist working in the shop, then our two-gun kit may be ideal.

The reason that two guns are preferred is that you will have an extra if you need to send one in for repairs or cleaning.  This eliminates the danger of losing business while your equipment is somewhere else.  It is also a great idea if you are ever going to expand your business.  The second gun allows you to have another artist in the shop and working on clients at the same time as you.  This stops you from having to share a gun and lets you see more clients throughout the course of the day.

Would I every need more than a two-gun Tattoo Kit

The number of guns you need in your tattoo kit depends on the number of artists you have working in the parlor.  You should have one gun for every artist and, at least, one spare in case of repairs or damage to a gun.  This allows everyone to have a personal piece of equipment and encourages him or her to work on his or her clients when it is convenient for the client.  There is nothing worse than making someone wait to be seen while you are waiting for another artist to finish using a tattoo gun.  Allowing everyone to have their own gun lets everyone work at the same time, letting you service more clients and make more money for your business and your artists.

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