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Can You Use Fluorescent Lights for My Indoor Plants?

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Fluorescent lights are one of the best ways to give your indoor plants the light they need to thrive.  These lights are more cost-effective than other types of lights and can also be used to add extra light to the room.  Plants that are kept in an office often use these lights, but the plants need to be placed as high as possible, allowing them to get the most benefit from the artificial light produced by the bulbs.

 Using Fluorescent Lights for a Fish Tank

The most common types of lights to use for a fish tank are fluorescent lights.  These lights can penetrate 12 to 18 inches into fresh water, giving your live aquarium plants enough light to grow.  It is also beneficial for the fish, because it allows them to have cycles or periods of rest and alertness, just like they have in the wild.

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