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Cleaning your Gazebo Canopy

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A regular gazebo can be hard to clean because you have to climb onto the roof and try to wash the top without damaging the supporting structure.  With our replacement canopies, you can easily remove the gazebo canopy for cleaning and then install it back on your frame.  Our canopies are made from quality materials that are easily cleaned with mild soap and water.  You do not want to use any type of abrasive because this could rip the canopy and allow water to leak into your gazebo.

Which Gazebo Canopy should I purchase?


You want to make sure you purchase a gazebo canopy that will fit your current frame.  Our canopies are designed to overhand the edge of the frame by six to eight inches.  It is ok to purchase a canopy that is slightly larger than your current frame.  A smaller canopy can cause problems because the corner fasteners may not reach the support columns on the edges of your gazebo.

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