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Do you have Tattoo Kits for Beginners?

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Yes, we do carry tattoo kits for beginners.  All of our kits come with several items that make it easier to learn the art of tattooing.  The first item is a piece of practice skin.  This important piece of equipment lets your new artist use a gun with needles and ink, without having to work on a live client.  They get the practice on how to handle the gun, get the right amount of ink, and learn techniques such as shading.

Why would I purchase Tattoo Kits for Beginners?

Even if all you hire are experienced artists, there may come a time when tattoo kits for beginners will benefit your business.  Say you have an artist who retires and you need a replacement, but there are no experienced artists available.  Instead of losing customers, you can hire a new artist and use our kits to help train them in the art of tattoos.

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