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Do you offer T5 Aquarium Lighting?

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We carry a complete line of T5 aquarium lighting that is perfect for any type of tank, either freshwater or saltwater.  These lights are often combined with blue actinic bulbs, giving you the full spectrum of light for your tank.  This allows your fish to thrive and can even let you grow plants in the water.  This is the most natural way to supply oxygen to your fish and it also gives the fish places to hide or food to eat between their normal feedings.

How long should I run my T5 Aquarium Lighting

Your fish need to have a normal day, just like you.  When you set up your T5 aquarium lighting, you will want to place a timer on the tank.  This insures that the light comes on and goes off at the same time every day.  This allows your fish to enter a rest cycle and gives them plenty of time between light cycles to rest and recover.  Unlike people, fish need to have 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness, especially tropical fish.

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