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Fixing the roof on my 12 X 12 Gazebo

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If you have a 12X12 gazebo, it can be hard to repair the roof.  This is because the cost of new boards and shingles can be very high.  Instead of purchasing all of the material and then putting in hours of work, you can get a vinyl top for your gazebo.  Our vinyl tops offer UV protection for you and your family.  They are also weather resistant and can last for years with proper care.

How hard is it to install a 12 X 12 Gazebo replacement top?

Installing a 12X12 gazebo replacement top is very easy.  All you have to do is stretch the top over the existing frame of the gazebo.  Then you close the Velcro tabs around the legs of the gazebo.  The frame will hold the top in place and the Velcro will keep it from sliding.  They also have a vent at the top to prevent the wind from lifting the top and damaging your yard and garden.

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