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Flag Pole

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When it comes to showing your true colors, there is no better way to do it than with a flag pole outside of your home that proudly demonstrates your patriotism by flying the United States flag or that of the state in which you live. And do you know that it also offers other opportunities, such as flying the flag of a favorite sporting team or to express your support for any number of organizations or causes?

Businesses can benefit even more when they use a flag pole. This is because they can be utilized to boldly fly a flag displaying their company logo outside of their operations. And multiple poles can be erected to fly company flags, in addition to the United States flag and that of the state in which the business is located.

But a flag pole that is of significant height is not usually the type of item that you can readily find even at a large retail or hardware store. Don’t worry, though, because you can still locate poles that will tower over your home and business when you take the time to visit the Web site for The LA Shop at

The 20-foot tall flag pole that you will find at the Web site is topped off by an American eagle to make the flag you are flying even more prestigious. And erecting it is easy as long as you’ve already dug its hole because the pole extends to 20-feet instantly and can be lowered just as quickly to 5 ½-feet because of its telescoping design. Two flags can be flown simultaneously on the pole without ropes or pulleys, which keeps flags from becoming wrapped around the pole thanks to its freely rotating brackets.

The LA Shop is so happy about doing business with you that they will include a complimentary 3 by 5-foot American flag, along with a decorative gold ball with your purchase. But you’ll also find more information at the Web site that will make you want to purchase a flag pole from The LA Shop. This is because the pole will arrive with easy to understand instructions about rotating locks between sections, brackets for mounting flags, and other details that will have your flags proudly displayed within minutes of the pole’s arrival.

And while you will find a dependable flag pole when you shop with The LA Shop, it’s also highly likely that you will discover other merchandise that you want to own. This is because they feature an assortment of items that are not found every day. Among these are tattoo kits, airbrush kits, manicure kits, aquarium lights, photography equipment, bike motors, meat slicers, and much more. This is why this, along with their friendly customer service means that you will soon become a regular customer with them.

You don’t have to wait any longer to purchase a flag pole that will let others know what you believe in or what you’re all about. This is because owning one is as simple as going to The LA Shop’s Web site at or picking up the phone and calling them at 626-336-2829.

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