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How Do Grow Tents Work?

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With hydroponics, plants are grown without soil; instead, mineral nutrients are absorbed from water solutions. There are many advantages to hydroponics, including less water being used and more nutrition in the plants, but to grow plants hydroponically, plant dark-room grow tents or grow rooms are needed.

While grow rooms are an investment, grow tents simplify the entire process. They are specially designed and tested to save time, energy and hassle, and are also easy to set up and transport. The reflective Mylar on the inside improves lighting, because 97% of the light that is produced is reflected back, and inlets and outlets for necessary lights, cables and ventilation are already custom-cut into the tent. There are moveable cross members in the roof frame, making it easy to shift components while the tent is in use.

Even though dark grow rooms are bigger, grow tents are convenient and offer perfected, enhanced results.

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