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How is a Hydro Farm Different from a Regular Farm

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The main difference between a hydro farm and a regular farm is the use of soil or dirt.  Regular farms plant seeds in the ground and wait for them to grow.  Nutrients may need to be added to the soil to increase productivity, but much of the fertilizer is washed into the ground and lost to the plants.  With a hydroponic farm, you can control how much of each nutrient the plants receive, as well as recycle water — so that nutrients are not lost if they are not immediately used by the plants.

Can I Create a Hydro Farm in My Basement

The basement is an ideal place to develop your own hydro farm.  It is normally an area that offers a constant temperature.  With the addition of the proper grow lights, your plants will thrive.  Even though you will be using artificial light and paying a higher electric bill, your plants will do better than most plants left outside in unpredictable weather.

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