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Hydroponic Systems Include a Variety of Different Materials

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Hydroponic systems encompass a wide variety of different materials in order to set up a proper grow tent or grow room. You will need to include duct work for piping in fresh air, as well as exhaust fans for removing stale, stagnant air. It is important with new plant growth to have a constant supply of fresh air coming into the grow room or grow tent. When you do not have access to natural sun light, you will also need to include different types of grow lights to provide the necessary lighting.

Hydroponic Systems Are Water Based Systems for Growing Plants

Hydroponic systems are based upon plants getting their nutrients drawn directly from water. When starting new plants by cloning, it is important that you have the proper types of equipment for setting up a hot house. You will need to make sure the new plants have a fresh supply of air, as well as plenty of water. You will find a variety of different gardening supplies for hydroponics available on our website, here at The LA Shop.

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