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Hydroponics Equipment Is Required In Order to Set Up a Hydroponics Garden

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To set up your own hydroponics garden at home you will need a variety of hydroponics equipment. For those not familiar with hydroponics, it is a method used to grow plants without any soil and only water. The plant roots grow into the water, which must be circulated to keep it fresh. All nutrients are added to the water and absorbed by the plants through their root system. The water circulation can be a closed system, or open system. A closed system is where the water is constantly recirculated and never changed. But you will need a filtration system to remove impurities from the water, as well as to keep it rich in oxygen and carbon. An open system is where water flows through the system and then exits, much like turning on a faucet and allowing the water to run down the drain. Of the two systems, a closed system is more commonly used and is also the least expensive method.

Hydroponics Equipment Includes Growing Trays and Grow Tents

In addition to a water circulation and filtration system, you need somewhere to place your plants. You can use plastic containers and allow the water to flow through the bottom of the container. You will need another piece to keep the plants elevated and not sitting directly in the water. You should also consider using a grow tent, as this piece of equipment allows you to have complete control over the growing conditions. You can regulate such conditions as light levels and air flow rates. Both of these items are equally important when starting new plants in your hydroponics garden.

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