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I cannot afford an expensive Photography Light

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The photography light can be one of the most expensive parts of any photo studio, right after the camera.  Our discounts allow you to get the same high-quality lights at prices that are up to 70 percent less than regular retail prices.  These lower prices let you get multiple types of lighting, from umbrella lights to soft box lights, for the same price as a single set of lights from a standard retail store.

Setting up your Photography Light for the best effect

When you are using your photography light for the first time, you need to start by taking photos with the light to one side of your subject.  This lets you gauge the shadows of the light and adjust the location based upon your needs.  You may also want to try the light behind the camera, in front of the model, or behind the model but above their head.  This gives you both highlighted subjects and back lit subjects, which can be combined to create fantastic digital images.

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