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Learn to Ride a 16” Unicycle

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If you are looking for a new hobby that will provide you with both a physical and mental challenge you have quite a few options available.  For most people, taking on a new hobby is a way to learn a new skill or to participate in doing something that they enjoy.  Anyone who enjoys anything that is challenging and unique will be interested in learning how to ride a unicycle.  This is one of those things that not many people know how to do and it can be a really fun experience.  While the learning curve is quite steep, the payoffs are great for learning how to ride a unicycle.  The feeling of self satisfaction and achievement you get from learning how to do something as difficult as this is something that cannot be replaced.  If you are interested in learning how to ride one, a 16” unicycle is a good choice for those who are around 5 feet tall or less.  The bigger models that are upwards of 20” are better suited for those taller than 5’4”, as the bigger size makes it better suited to larger bodies.

Where to Shop for a 16” Unicycle

Once you decide to take on the task of learning how to ride one, buying a 16” unicycle is obviously the next step to getting started.  If you are looking for high quality models that are affordable you will want to visit  They have everything from a 16” unicycle to a 24” model, so they have one that is the right size for people of all heights.  The models available from the website above come in a wide selection of eye catching colors.  There is an orange model which features an orange fork and the seat is black with orange highlights.  They also have a model available that has a chrome finish and it also features an entirely black seat.  While the 16” unicycle models you will find at the website above are loaded with quality features, they are available at an affordable price starting at under $50.  At this price this is an attractive option for those who are looking to get started, without having to pay a fortune to do so. 

The 16” unicycle model and all other unicycles sold at this website are constructed of high quality materials and feature a great somatological design.  This is the perfect choice not only for the beginner just starting to learn but also for those who are experienced in riding unicycles.  These all have a quick release seat post clamp, which makes for easy height adjustments without any tools.  The unicycles found at this website also have a strong and reliable powder coated steel frame.  They employ a ball bearing design for the wheel hub, which gives you an ultra smooth ride quality.  Another great feature found on these models is the cotterless crank and also the chromoly spindles where the nylon pedals are attached.  Some of these models are also available in bright colors, with tires made of rubber that matches the color of the frame.  If you are interested in buying one of these or you are just looking for more information be sure to visit where you can see photos and technical specifications of these 16” unicycle models.

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