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LED Grow Lights

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Saving Money with LED Grow Lights


Using LED grow lights can save you hundreds of dollars over conventional grow lights.  The cost of LED lights for your plants is substantially lower than regular lights.  They only use 10 percent of the electricity of other grow lights, such as high-pressure sodium or even fluorescent.  These lights can provide you with the same growing results as the more expensive lights while helping you to save hundreds of dollars a year in electrical expenses.


How LED Grow Lights Help Plants


LED grow lights give plants both the red spectrum light, that is necessary for healthy leaf production, and blue spectrum light, which stimulates blooming.  Because they provide both of these colors of light, they can allow your plant to thrive during each of its growing cycles, from seedling to mature plant to blooming and fruiting.  Because they do not contain the full spectrum of light, they will not burn or harm your plants.  For more information, visit The LA Shop online.

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