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Photo Cubes

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Selling Items Online with Photo Cubes

One of the first steps for selling anything online is to let the clients see a picture of the object.  The problem is that there are often things in the background that make your picture appear unappealing to your clients.  For example, the wine stain on your rug may make your vintage vase appear to be leaking.  Photo cubes can help you by giving you a clean background for every picture and letting your items appear clean and new.

Why Use Photo Cubes

Photo cubes let you take pictures of items without the background being an issue on the photograph.  This is especially useful when you want to sell items online.  Often the simplest flaw in the background can ruin a picture or the shadows can make your teddy bear appear to be missing an ear.  A lighted cube from The LA Shop will eliminate this problem and let your take professional looking photos every time.

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