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Protect your Hardtop Gazebo with our canopy covers

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One of the problems with a hardtop gazebo is that the roof can become damaged with continuous exposure to sun and weather.  You can use our replace canopy to protect your current hardtop and prolong the life of your gazebo.  Our canopies are designed to resist water and block UV rays, so your gazebo can remain in good repair longer than without the protective cover.

Prevent leaks in your Hardtop Gazebo with a cover


The biggest drawback of hardtop gazebos is that they can start to leak after being exposed to the weather.  The boards that make up the roof can swell, shrink, and develop gaps that allow water to enter the gazebo.  Our replacement covers can prevent this type of damage or block the gaps to stop the leaks from affecting your outdoor enjoyment.  They can also prolong the life of your gazebo, giving you extra years of outdoor fun.

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