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Starting your garden with Grow Tents

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Germination is a delicate time for new plants and seedlings.  By using grow tents, you can control the amount of light, moisture and heat that your new plants will receive every day.  This lets you grow plants that may not thrive in your current climate.  You can even use our tents to grow sub-tropical or tropical plants in several northern climates.  All you have to do is provide the proper amount of light, as well as the correct temperature controls to grow lush plants throughout the year.

How expensive are your Grow Tents?

Our grow tents are anywhere from 50 to over 60 percent less than the suggested retail price.  This means you will be able to have multiple tents in your home to grow different plants.  Even if some plants need high humidity while others prefer climates that are hot and dry, our tents are low enough in price that you can afford to purchase multiple items.

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