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Tattoo Guns for Sale

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Finding Tattoo Guns for Sale


Finding tattoo guns for sale is as easy as clicking on the correct link.  The LA Shop offers a complete line of tattoo guns, often at discounted prices when compared to other retail establishments.  They carry everything from handmade 24-carat gold-plated guns with tips to multi gun kits that give you the ability to purchase a gun for every artist in your shop.


Discount savings on Tattoo Guns for Sale


The tattoo guns for sale at The LA Shop can be over 70 percent off the standard retail price.  This means that a gun that normally sells for $139.99 can be purchased for as little as 39.95.  This makes their tattoo guns some of the most affordable in the country.  The also come with a full warrantee so that you are guaranteed they will not break or crack under normal use.  This guarantee also helps avoid costly equipment that is remanufactured or refurbished.

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