DIY Grass Walls

Grass walls have become extremely trendy over the years! We know you’ve seen them before, whether it be in the lobby of a modern hotel, restaurant, or business. These lushy, decorative walls invite a splash of color and nature to any office, family room, or lobby. Due to the readily growing popularity of grass walls, many people are bringing them into their own homes. 

Installing a grass wall into your home or office is not difficult at all. You can install a live grass wall or artificial one either indoors or outdoors. Let theLAShop show you how easy it is to install one of these decorative features. 

Create Your Vertical Grass Wall 

So, you’ve decided to build your grass wall yourself and don’t know where to get started? We’re here to help. Before you get started with building you’ll need to collect these materials: 

  •   Tape measure
  • Staple gun 
  • Scissors 
  • Chalk
  • Saftey glasses 

Step1: Measure and Plan 

Before making any purchase measure the wall or area you plan on putting your wall. Think out of the box! What will you be attaching to your grass wall? Will you be cutting out large pieces or smaller squares for a more abstract look? 

No matter the look you’re going for before you attach anything to your wall or buy your materials measure your wall. Be sure to buy extra material in case you make mistakes. Use your chalk to outline where you want your grass wall to go.

Step 2: Get the Grass 


Artificial Landscape Grass

12pcs 20x20in (covers up to 33sq.ft) UV Resistant Artificial Boxwood Hedge Privacy Fence Kit including 200pcs cable ties, features 3-layer Milan leaves construction provides privacy, snap-on panel design, pin & hole locking makes panels easy to be connected. You can build hedges into squares, rectangles, or any other custom shape that fits your exact needs.

After you’ve measured your wall and outlined your design it is time to buy your grass. If you want be creative you can order pre-cut artificial grass pieces so you can create an original work of art. Use longer sheets of artificial grass to cover your entire wall if you are creating a bigger project. 

Step 3: Get Real Plants (Optional)

If you want to add real plants to your wall consider placing a plant want beneath your artificial grass. Cut the artificial grass where the plant pouches are so you can effectively water your plants and allow them to grow. 

Step 4: Attach the Grass to the Wall 

Attaching the grass to your wall is not a difficult process but differs depending on the type of wall you have.

Drywall. Use a staple gun to attach your grass to the wall. With some assistance press the grass flatly on the wall and add your staples to the perimeter of each piece. Staple the edges to tamper down the grass in the position you want.

Cement, Brick, Plastic. For thicker walls use a stronger adhesive such as a polyurethane construction adhesive. 

Wood. To prevent mold from forming, use a water-resistant sealant before you attach your grass. 

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