Add A Relaxing Waterfall To Your Patio or Backyard

The Earth is made of 71% water and our adult human bodies consist of about 60%. You don’t have to be someone who enjoys going to the beach, fishing, or boating to understand the importance of being near the water. In fact, being near the water has a positive psychological effect on the human psyche. Science proves that being around water has both healing and calming effects. Some of the many calming effects include:

Promotes Meditation. Being near an ocean is calming because the crashing waves can alter your brain’s wave patterns to promote a meditative state. This will help reduce lower stress levels, improve sleep, reduce anxiety, and help promote mental clarity. 

Increases Creativity. Do you like to read by the beach or paint by a lake? This is because a relaxed brain has more energy to be creative! When your brain simply focuses on the sound of the water the buzz of the day simmers. 

Full of Negative Ions. Water is full of negative ions which help with the ability to absorb oxygen, boost serotonin levels, and improve alertness. High serotonin levels will help you feel rejuvenated, improve your mood, and decrease stress levels. 

Brings up Happy Emotions. Science proves that the sounds of water revives positive memories stored within the brain. The non-threatening sound of water, even a drip, can trigger distant personal memories and recall positive experiences from television or other forms of media. 

Building Your DIY Water Fountain      

There are so many benefits to building your own waterfall at home. Not only are water fountains beautiful, but they reduce stress and are easy to make. You only need a few essential tools to get started.

Electric Water Pump

You are looking at this 0.8 HP Electric Water Pump, which is made of 304 stainless steel, which is more durable and corrosion-resistant than aluminum alloy materials, and has a variety of uses. In addition to watering your garden, it can also be used for pool water pumping. It is also more secure and is a device that is well worth placing at home.

Tools You’ll Need:

  1. Electric Water Pump 
  2. ½-Inch Copper Piper 
  3. Waterproof Basin 
  4. Stones 
  5. Small rocks 
  6. ½ inch by ½ inch compression female adapter 
  7. ½-inch Ball Valve
  8. Screen 
  9. Composite Decking 
  10. Drainage Gravel 
  11. 1- inch PVC Conduit


Step 1:

Use the shovel to dig a hole 2 inches deeper than the water basin you’re using. Dig a shallow trench between the pit and your nearest exterior outlet. 

Step 2: 

Fill the pit with two inches of drainage gravel. Place the basin evenly on top of gravel. Measure and cut the PVC conduit to match the length of the outlet and the pit. String the conduit to the electric water pump and tape it tightly. 

Step 3: 

Place the pump in the basin. Add a screen over the pit and mark it where the pump will be exposed and the edge closer to the conduit. 

Step 4: 

Cut an inch wide circle at the center mark. Then cut a flap around the conduit mark large enough for you to remove the pump for servicing. 

Step 5:

Cut  4-inch sections off the end of each copper pipe. Connect the pipes and the pump. 

Step 6: 

Pour a 2 inch layer of drainage gravel into the water basin. Place the pump in the center with the pipe end sticking up. Slide the screen over the pipes. 

Step 7: 

Cut sections of decking to extend beyond the pt on each side. Place on top of the screen. 

Step 8:  

Pile the larger stones creatively on top of the screen and bars. Connect them using glue or by drilling holes. 

Step 9: 

Fill the bin with water at least 5 inches above the pump. Check the water flow and adjust the pressure. 

Step 10:

Add smaller stones to fill gaps. Use an adhesive to seal the stones together and allow to dry before to turn on and enjoy your fountain. 

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