Be Shady This Summer 

Though some states may be easing up on previous restrictions, there are many of us who will still decide to stay home this summer. If you’re spending more time in your backyard, then it may be time for an upgrade. Make your backyard the place to be with comfortable shading from the hot Los Angeles sun! When shading your backyard, you pretty much have two viable options: a sunshade or a patio umbrella? In this article, we will be discussing the positive and negatives of both shading devices. 

Sunshades vs. Patio Umbrella   

A sunshade is a structure made of fabric and other UV, weather-resistant materials used by businesses and homeowners to cover swimming pools, patios, carports, and other outdoor spaces. Traditional sunshades are cut into either triangular or rectangular shapes and are hooked by rings to walls or posts to keep suspended above the ground. 

Patio umbrellas are free-standing umbrellas that are typically tilted and roasted to block the sun as it travels across the sky. Like Sunshades, these high-quality umbrellas are constructed from UV and weather-resistant material. 

Benefits of Sunshades 

There are several benefits to owning a sunshade. Here are just a few: 

Large coverage. This may seem obvious, but sunshades have a lot more coverage than traditional umbrellas do. Sunshades work well for outdoor spaces that need a ton of shade such as a swimming pool or large garden. Sunshades can also be layered to cover larger areas and spaces. 

Easy Installation. Setting up your sunshade is simple. Attach your triangular or rectangular tarp to your fence, pergola, tree, pole, or roof for a sturdy fit. 

Affordable. To get the most coverage for your dollar, you should consider using a sunshade. Sunshades are inexpensive and can be layered in case you need to cover a larger space. 

Benefits of Umbrellas   

Adjustable Tilt. Patio umbrellas are great because they take up little room and can be adjusted to shield you from the sun as it travels across the sky. A patio umbrella allows you to enjoy partial sun while outdoors. Umbrellas can also be physically moved, opened and closed, so you can always have complete control over how much sun you are exposed to. 

Beautiful Design. For the most part, patio umbrellas offer many more design options than sunshades do. While patio umbrellas provide a more intimate setting, they also vary in pattern and style while sunshades tend to follow more minimalist designs. 

Easy Installation. Both sunshades and patio umbrellas can be easily installed and placed in your backyard or patio. Of the two however, patio umbrellas require less time and ingenuity. 

Downside of Sunshades  

Non-flexible. Once a sunshade is set in place it typically stays there. Sunshades can cover a lot of ground, but offer no option in case you decide to change your mind. If you and your family enjoy tanning for example, perhaps you should consider other options.

Maintenance Required. Unfortunately, sunshades require more cleaning than patio umbrellas. This is because they are stagnant and call for more effort to move and to clean. The large surface area of these tarps also make them great for trapping dirt.

Permission. Depending on where your home or business is located, you may need permits to hang your sunshade. 

Downside of Patio Umbrellas

Less coverage. It is obvious that patio umbrellas cover less space than sunshades. 

Materials. There are many different types of patio umbrellas and some are made better than others. When purchasing your patio umbrella make sure that material used is UV ray proof, waterproof, and weather resistant so you get the most usage from your tent. 

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We have a lot to be thankful for this year. In 2021, it is more important than ever to spend time with the ones we love. Connect with your family and friends virtually this year. 

Many statewide restrictions are put in place to keep us healthy and protected. Though this change may take some time to adapt to, it does not mean that we still can’t enjoy our current lives. Spend this time safely with your immediate families, and appreciate the time you have together. 

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