2022 The Year of the Tattoo 

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With the world finally adjusting to the new normal, many of us are celebrating our newfound freedom with tattoos! If you considering getting a tattoo this year, then you’re not alone! There are plenty of trends to choose from, including celebrities, and 90’s themes. In this article, we will discuss the latest in tattoo trends. 

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4. Minimalist 

Minimalist tattoos are for anyone. Typically they are small and generally go unnoticed as they are placed in unusual places such as between the fingers or behind the ear. These types of tattoos are usually simple shapes that are either not as detailed or extravagant as larger tattoos. 


3. Glow in the Dark Tattoos: Black Light & UV Ink 

Yes, you’ve read that right. Glow in the dark tattoos have hit the market and are the hottest new trend! To get your tattoo to glow in the dark you have to use specialized UV ink. The ink will then only glow under certain lights. Like all tattoos, the ink and glow will begin to fade after about 5 years. 



2. Micro Realism 

These super detailed tattoos are literal works of art. Get a unique piece of artwork tattooed on your body inspired by your favorite famous piece of artwork, or try something original. Take a look at old artbooks or Google paintings for ideas. Let your imagination open your mind to a world of fun possibilities.   




If you’re looking for something more permanent branding may be the way to go! For example, famous couple Kim Kardashian and Pete Davison celebrated their union with not only a tattoo on Pete’s chest that read, “My girl’s a lawyer” but a permanent branding of her name “Kim”. Kim confirmed her approval of the branding on the Ellen show by affirming it’s “So cute”. 


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