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Types of Tattoo Kits for Sale

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We have several different types of tattoo kits for sale.  You can purchase kits that have anywhere from one to eight guns in a single kit.  Each gun is designed to have a unique look, so there will be no confusion as to who should be using which gun.  They also come with a full supply of ink, needles, grommets, and ink cups.  This lets your artists start making money as soon as you open the box.

Having multiple artists means finding more Tattoo Kits for Sale

When you have multiple artists in your tattoo parlor, you want to find more tattoo kits for sale.  This lets you have a kit for every artist and we can help you reach that goal.  Our kits are priced well below the standard retail price, so you can get multiple kits without spending your entire budget.  You could also have each artist pay for their own kit, which lets them own a piece of the business and feel like they belong in your shop.

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