Residential flagpoles are made to be placed in the front of a home.  These are normally at least 16 feet high and can be up to 25 feet high.  They are made to be visible from almost anywhere on the property, depending on the height of the home.  They are normally used with flat, ground stands.  These stands are an L-shaped piece of metal that has a cylinder on one end for holding the pole.  The flat, lower part is weighted with sand bags to keep it stable and the flagpole is held by the cylinder.

Do you Carry Residential Flag Poles?

We carry a complete line of residential flagpoles.  We have poles that are 16, 20 or 25 feet high.  You should get a pole that puts the flag at or slightly above the roof of your home.  The 16 and 20 food poles are great for single story homes while the 25 foot is better for two story houses.

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