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What is a Madaga Gazebo

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A madaga gazebo is a specific type of gazebo with a canvas cover instead of a hard top.  These gazebos are easy to repair and are also simple to install.  They can even be made into portable gazebos by not anchoring the legs to the ground.  You can also remove the cloth top and store it away during periods of high wind or during the winter months when the snow could damage the gazebo cover.

Finding a Madaga Gazebo Cover

A madaga gazebo cover is one of the easiest pieces to replace.  All you have to do is place the cover on top of the gazebo, attach the Velcro straps to the supports and tie the top to the legs by passing a cord through the grommets.  To find out more about these flexible gazebo covers, visit The LA Shop online at  You can also call them at 626-336-2829 with any questions regarding their products.

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