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Why Should You Switch to LED Christmas Lights?

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With technology changing, new, more efficient, long lasting holiday decoration options have become available, and among these are LED Christmas lights. There are many benefits to LED Christmas lights, over traditional lights, but here are the top five reasons you should make the switch:


  1. Energy Efficiency: LED lights use less energy than traditional Christmas lights, making them a cheaper, greener option.
  2. They Don’t Tangle: Since they are cased in flexible, durable PVC tubing, they don’t tangle like old lights. They loop easily, and store, without becoming a knotted mess by next year.
  3. More Colors: LED lights come in a staggering range of colors, from warm white, to turquoise, and everything in between.
  4. Fewer Burnt-Out Bulbs: LED bulbs last longer and are less delicate. Also, since they are cased in PVC, they don’t hit things and break like other lights.
  5. Longer Lasting: Because they don’t tangle and the lights don’t burn out as often, and simply because PVC is more durable than the old wires, these lights last more than twice as long as the old lights.

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