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Will I get Larger Vegetables with Grow Tents?

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You may or may not get larger vegetables with grow tents, depending on the type of plant and environment inside the tent.  To reach their optimum growth, plants need at least 10 to 14 hours of light every day.  This can be difficult, unless you add artificial lighting to your tent.  You also need to control the amount of nutrients the plants receive; too much, and they will be slow to flower. Too little, and they will not produce enough leaves.

 Are Grow Tents really Expensive?

Grow tents are only expensive if you purchase them at a retail store.  If you shop online at The LA Shop, you can save over 50 percent.  A tent which retails for $350 would cost less than $170!  You can also purchase your grow lights at The LA Shop for even bigger savings.

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