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Working with Grow Tents in Your Home

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If you want to have a grow tent inside your home, it is important to make sure that the room is well ventilated.  Plants that grow inside an enclosed space will start to wilt, because they are not supplied with enough carbon dioxide.  Plants use this gas to perform photosynthesis, giving off oxygen in its place.  If they end up with too much oxygen and not enough carbon dioxide, then they will be unable to produce food, and could wilt or even die.

Using Grow Tents for Your Delicate Plants

The main reason people use grow tents is to grow plants that would be adversely affected by the natural weather.  Tropical and sub-tropical plants have to be kept above 50 degrees, or they could turn brown and die.  A tent allows you to control the temperature of the air around the plants, letting you grow tropical flowers and fruits in the northern climates.

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