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  • TheLAShop 5L 2in1 UV Heated Towel Warmer Cabinet Spa Sterilizer

    Our towel warmer sterilizer is perfectly use for SPA, salon, massage parlors. You should never worry about too much germ on your towels when you get this UV Sterilizer towel...
  • TheLAShop 16L 2in1 UV Heated Spa Towel Warmer Cabinet Sterilizer

    Here is a listing for 16L Capacity 2in1 UV Sterilizer & Heated Towel Warmer Cabinet. Ultraviolet can kills Bacterium, most of Fungus & filterability viral in a few seconds, efficiency...
  • TheLAShop 8L/ 16L UV Electric Salon Beauty Tool Sterilizer Cabinet

    This UV sterilizer provides complete sterilization for salon, SPA or beauty tools such as manicure/pedicure instruments(nail sets), electrodes, cupping glasses, brushes, sponges, scissors, clamps, nippers, and all other accessories. It...
    From $59.99
  • TheLAShop 46L 2-Room 2in1 Towel Warmer Cabinet Heated & UV Sterilizer

    Brand New 46L double-room 2in1 heated & built-in UV sterilizer Towel Warmer Cabinet which could be placed about 120 - 140 Manicure or Facial Towels. It features with micro temperature...
  • TheLAShop Portable Dry Heat Sterilizer

    Your tools and equipment could transfer harmful germs. Properly sterilizing your equipment could be expensive and time-consuming. However, our dry heat sterilizer reaches up to 392°F and killed 99% of harmful...
  • TheLAShop 8L UV Electric Beauty Salon Tool Sterilizer Cabinet

    Brand New UV(ultraviolet light) sterilizer for salon, SPA such as scissors, nippers, clamps, nail sets and the like. Begin to take care of tool sterilization and put tool cleansing in...
  • TheLAShop 23L 2in1 Hot & UV Towel Warmer Cabinet Heated Spa Sterilizer

    2in1 Heated & built-in UV sterilizer Towel Warmer Cabinet with 23L capacity (about 50-60 pcs towels) is perfect to keep towels, salon equipment, hair tools. Aluminum inner chamber for better...
  • TheLAShop 23L 2in1 Heated & UV Sterilizer Towel Warmer Cabinet

    Brand New 23L Heated & UV Towel Warmer Sterilizer which for about 70-80 towels in regular size. It features Micro Computer Control Temperature - 176 F average, and built-in sterilizer...
  • TheLAShop 12L 2in1 Heated UV Salon Spa Tools Sterilizer Cabinet w/ Timer

    Brand New 12L 2in1 Heated & built-in UV Sterilizer Cabinet with Timer for Salon Spa Facial Tools sterilization. Ultraviolet can kills Bacterium, most of Fungus & filterability viral in a...
  • TheLAShop 26L 2in1 Heated & UV Towel Warmer Cabinet Salon Sterilizer

    Brand New 26L 2in1 Hot & UV Sterilizer Towel Warmer Heater Cabinet with Automatic Temperature Controller For Salon Spa Facial. Idea for keeping towel germ-free, even warms Traditional or Disposable...
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