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A Duct Fan Is Hardware Needed for Growing New Plants

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A duct fan, like the models available on our website, here at The LA Shop, is an important piece of hardware needed when growing new plants. This fan helps circulate new air into the enclosed grow area while helping to get rid of stale air. There fans are easy to install and connect directly to duct work, simply by taping it in place using duct tape. You can even use this type of fan along with carbon filters.

Different Factors to Consider When Comparing Duct Fan Models

When comparing different models of fans, you will need to consider a few factors, like the CFM rating on the duct fan which is the airflow of the fan given in cubic feet per minute. The higher this rating, the faster the airflow is turned over. Another factor to consider is the size of the blower. Smaller grow areas do not require large blowers and will work just as effectively with a smaller diameter blower.

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