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What does the Hydro mean in Hydroponics?

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The word hydro comes from the Greek base word for water.  This means that the plants will be grown in a water medium instead of traditional dirt.  These plants do require more light, and they should be supported with some type of grow light system.  They also require you to monitor the nutrients in the water to make sure they are getting the correct amount of fertilizer, since they will not get the extra nutrients found in most soils.

Are Hydro gardens expensive?

If you get your supplies from us, then your hydro garden should not be any more expensive than a regular garden.  You need to have a grow tent to control the humidity and temperature, as well as grow lights to make sure they are getting the proper amount of light every day.  These items are offered on our site for up to 50 percent less than most retail stores.  You only make this investment once – it can be used for years.

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