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A Grow Light System Provides the Right Light Colors for Your Plants

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When you grow plants indoors, you will need a complete grow light system. Plants require different colors in order to mature fully and correctly. For each stage of plant development, you may require a different type of light. Blue lights are ideal for new plant development and often result in a better growth rate. Once plants start to reach maturity, you will want to change to a red or orange light, as it helps stimulate the reproductive and flowering stages. Some types of lights have multiple color output, which you can change as the plants develop, without having to switch lights.

A Grow Light System Consists of Different Equipment and Hardware

The types of lights you use with your grow light system will determine which types of equipment and hardware you need. For example, a HPS/MH grow system will need to have its own ballast. Instead of plugging the lights directly into an outlet, you will need to connect them to the ballast, first. The ballast is required, in order to ensure the lights receive the correct amount of current and are not overloaded. The ballast may also convert currents to increase them to higher voltages, often needed for higher wattage light bulbs. This type of set up is often used by experienced indoor home gardeners, who have learned through trial and error which types of lights are best for their plants.

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