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You Can Use a LED Grow Lamp Along with a Fluorescent Grow Light

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When it comes to growing plants indoors, you have a few different options, of the methods you can use to simulate sunlight. One type of setup uses a fluorescent grow light, along with an LED grow lamp. Fluorescent lights are ideally suited for starting new plants and for plants during the time they are developing. However, once plants reach the flowering stage, they will need a LED light, instead. This is because of the type of colors the lights give off from the color spectrum. Fluorescent bulbs give off mostly blue, while you can obtain an LED in all different colors; but you’ll need one in red or orange for plant flowering.

Save Money by Using a Fluorescent Light and a LED Grow Lamp with Your Indoor Garden

The benefit of using a combination of a fluorescent light and a LED grow lamp is because it can save you money on your electric bills. Fluorescent lights and LED lights do not require much electricity to operate, nor do they need their own separate ballast. Just like LEDs, they do not give off much heat, either. But there are solutions to the heat issue, for plants which require warmer temperatures. You can use a reflector with fluorescent lights, to increase the brightness and heat levels. Another option is to place the lights closer to the plants, so they can capture more heat.

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