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Advantages of a Telescoping Flag Pole

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The practice of flying a flag on your property goes back hundreds, if not thousands, of years in history.  This has long been a tradition to identify where you stand in regard to affiliation with groups, countries, territories, and other aspects.  The tradition is still prevalent in society today and maybe more so now, than ever.  With so many different groups and organizations out there today many people want others to know their affiliations, so they fly a flag with that particular groups insignia or emblem.  While the US flag and individual state flags are most commonly found throughout homes all over the United States, there are many other types of flags that are seen on a regular basis.  For example, one of the more common flags you will see in all parts of the country is for the different branches of military as well as the POW/MIA flags.  If you are considering the purchase of a flag pole to fly Old Glory, you will want to consider a telescoping flag pole for the many advantages they offer. 

Easy to Install Telescoping Flag Pole

With a telescoping flag pole it is very quick and easy to install or remove.  Whether you need to remove the flag because you are leaving for an extended period of time or because you are moving, it takes very little time to remove.  This can be installed in a permanent ground fixture but still removed at will when necessary.  You can see photos and more information on some of the most popular telescoping flag pole models by visiting  While at this site you will find that the models they carry are available in heights from 16′ right up to the largest model which is 25′ when fully extended.  The best feature about these is that they are easily collapsible and when collapsed they are a manageable length of between five and six feet.  This makes it very easy for you to stow your flag pole away in a garage or other storage space if you are going to be leaving your property for an extended period of time.  This is the perfect option for those who own seasonal homes and live in two different locations throughout the year.  In this case you can even easily transport your flag pole from one home to another when you drive there. 

All of the telescoping flag pole models sold at the above website feature all aluminum construction, so they are ideal for year round placement in even the most harsh environments.  Because aluminum will never rust you do not need to worry about your flag pole deteriorating.  This is an especially important issue for those who live alongside the ocean where the salt air is known to be quite corrosive to many types of metal.  This aluminum flag pole will stand up to this type of abuse and will never rust.  The 20′ and 25′ models feature mounting brackets to hold up to two flags at a time.  These brackets allow the flag to move with the wind, to reduce wear on the flag as well prevent tangling.  No matter what type of telescoping flag pole you are looking for, be sure to visit to view the models they currently have available.

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