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Tailgate Flag Poles Display Your Team Flag

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The widespread popularity of tailgate parties has resulted in the development of an entire lineup of products that are solely made for this purpose.  As tailgating has become such a staple for many events, it is a way of celebrating the event you are going to and making it an all day experience.  Whether you are tailgating before a college football game or a rock concert, there are many different items that can help to improve the experience.  While it was initially an event that took place prior to football games, tailgating has now spread to the masses and is prevalent at many different types of events.  When it comes to football games there are a plethora of items designed to show off your team spirit and help you identify with other fans of “your” team.  One of the most common things you will see at tailgate parties is a team flag or banner hoisted above a groups particular area.  Tailgate flag poles are now becoming a commonly seen item, as many models are available for this exact purpose.

Where to Shop for Your Tailgate Flag Poles

If you are wondering where on earth would you find tailgate flag poles, you can find different models that are currently available by visiting  At this website they carry a line of telescoping flag poles that are the perfect type of product for those who are tailgating.  These can be easily and quickly setup, while also being easy to transport when broken down.  In fact, all of the models found at this website collapse down to 5′ or 6′ so they can easily fit into the bed of a truck or even in a car with a fold down rear seat.  These all feature a convenient design which allows you to quickly set up the flag pole by simply twisting the adjustment knobs until the flag pole can be extended and then tightening the adjustment knobs when the flag pole is at the desired height.  This can be done in a matter of a minute or so, that way you can quickly get on to the celebrating. 

In addition to the telescoping models there are tailgate flag poles available that come with a stand that is secured by the weight of your vehicle.  This stand is simply placed on the ground and you drive your vehicle up to it, placing the tire over the stand.  The weight of your vehicle holds the stand in place and will securely hold even a 25′ flag pole!  Between this stand and the telescoping flag pole you will have the ultimate tail gate package to support your team by flying their flag.  The convenience of the quick setup is an added bonus, so you can spend more time enjoying the party.  The products available at this website are the ultimate in tailgate flag pole models and can also be used at your home.  There is a PVC sleeve that is available for home installations as the sleeve is placed in the ground surrounded by concrete which allows you to place the flag pole in the ground.  When you want to remove your flag pole from the ground you simply collapse it to the lowered length and remove from the PVC sleeve installed in the ground.  This way you can use it for tailgating and also have it set up at your home for the rest of the time.  Be sure to visit for more details and photos of all the different models currently available.

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