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An Inline Fan Can Serve Multiple Functions in Growing Areas

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An inline fan can serve multiple functions depending upon how you want to use this type of fan. You may have even heard of this type of fan being called a duct fan, vent fan, or exhaust fan. When you connect the fan to duct work where air is coming into your growing area, it functions to force fresh air into the area. When the fan is connected at the other end of duct work and directed to blow outward, it acts as an exhaust fan to remove stale air from your growing area.

Figuring Out What Size of Inline Fan Will Work for Your Growing Area

Figuring out what size of inline fan, like the ones available on our website, here at The LA Shop, required for your growing area is easy and just requires a few math computations. The first thing you need to know is the cubic feet of your grow area, which is the length multiplied by the height multiplied by the width. Take the total cubic feet of the grow area and divide it by the CFM rating on the fan. The resulting number is the total amount of time, in minutes it will take to completely exchange the air in the growing area.

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