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Keep Your Valuables Secure in a Wall Safe When You Are Not Home

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Keeping your valuables locked up is a good idea when you will be away from your home on business travel or vacation. You would not want to leave cash or expensive jewelry lying around. Should your home be broken into while you are gone, even though other items may be stolen, you will know that your valuables were kept secure in your wall safe. There are all different sizes and styles available, even ones which require your fingerprint to open.

Other Types of Items You Can Store in Your Wall Safe

Besides keeping your jewelry and cash in your wall safe, like the models available on our website, here at The LA Shop, you can also use it to store different types of documents. It is always a good idea to lock up insurance policies, birth certificates, pass ports, car titles, property titles, and wills. Installing a safe into a wall is not complicated and will require you to cut a hole into the wall and secure it in place to prevent it from being removed from the wall.

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