Whether you are hosting a charity booth, are selling a product at a sporting event, or have a table advertising your cause, a spinning prize wheel can be an excellent way to draw people in. The LA Shop’s best-selling wheel is discounted at 41% for a limited time, bringing the price from $169.99 to $99.99.

The wheel is 24 inches wide and has 14 colored, dry-erase slots that you can customize, over and over again. Instead of having to order a customized wheel for each event, or reuse the same many different times, this wheel allows you to draw customers in with a new wheel each time they see you. The bright, eye-catching colors also appeal to people walking by.

Crowd-pleasing, interactive games and prize opportunities are ideal for attracting people to your table, no matter what the table is for, so, if you or someone you know is hosting a booth or table soon, and does so regularly, consider the spinning prize wheel.

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