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Featured Wooden Patio Umbrella

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Now is the perfect time to buy patio furniture and outdoor patio umbrellas, because, even though you may not use it for several more months, it’s cheaper in the winter months. For now, the 8-foot patio furniture wood market umbrella from The LA Shop, with multiple color options, is discounted 44% and costs $49.99, instead of $89.99.

The large patio umbrella has eight ribs to support the eight-foot diameter brim, giving you and your loved ones a shady spot outside to enjoy sunny days. The brim keeps harmful UV rays off your skin, and also protects people and furniture, alike, from rain and other weather. The solid wood pole unscrews at the middle, to make it easier to store and ship, and the fabric is made from UV-protective, anti-fade polyester. The wood and polyester are durable and weather- resistant, so the umbrella will last for a long time.

There is also a matching air-vented top, so air circulates beneath the umbrella, and there is a pulley and rope, to make lifting and lowering the umbrella easier.

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