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Can a Soft Box Improve My Photographs?

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A soft box is a specific type of lighting that photographers use to create diffuse lighting for their subjects.  This removes the dark shadows from your pictures and it can improve the quality of your photographs.  It can also be used to counteract the effects of direct sunlight, which often creates the darkest shadows.  It can be on the opposite side from the sun, and remove the shadows that can make your models look like they have been cut in half.

What is the Cost of a Soft Box?

 There are many different varieties of soft box lights available and they can cost up to $800 for complete lighting kits.  You can also purchase them from our site for considerable savings over the regular retail price.  For example, the strobe photo lighting 3 light flash kit that retails for almost $800 can be purchased form our site for less than $330, a saving of almost 60% off the regular retail price.

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