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Different Types of Studio Lights

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Studio lights are the lights the photographers use to take pictures.  There are a few different types of lights available.  The first is an umbrella light that can be either a flash or a steady light.  This light looks like an umbrella with the inside coated with a reflective surface that diffuses the light and removes shadows.  The second is a soft box, which can also be flash or steady and diffuses the light by passing it through an opaque outer surface.

Studio Lights are Necessary for every Photographer

The reason every photographer needs studio lights are because there are never enough hours of direct sunlight available to make a profit as a photographer.  To have a profitable business, you should be working 8 hours a day, 5 days a week.  If there are days with clouds or places where you have to take photos without direct sunlight, such as in a building, you will need lights to compensate for the lack of natural lighting.

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