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Can I Turn Any Garden into a Hydrofarm?

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While it is possible to grow many plants in a hydrofarm, there are some that will not mature in that type of environment.  Plants that produce flowers and vegetables above the ground are great for this type of system, but plants that produce root vegetables will not grow in the water solution.  The roots of the plant will absorb too much moisture and become soft or rot before they can be harvested.

Starting Your Garden with a Hydrofarm


A hydrofarm is a great way to start new plants, but you have to be careful when moving the plants into your garden.  You should start by placing them in soil that is kept very moist.  Their roots are used to being submerged in water and could dry out too fast if moved directly into an outdoor garden.  Gradually add more dirt and less water over a period of two weeks before you move the plants outside.

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